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Why become a member of Arts DAO?
ğŸ’Ž  Fractional ownership of the Arts DAO treasury collection - NFTs are collected by the DAO with the goal of bringing long term value to members. Members can vote on certain decisions undertaken on-chain via  Snapshot.org.

🤝  Join a tight-knit community of thought-leaders, VCs, creators, artists and trailblazers leading the Web3 space. Access monthly in-real-life events in premium locations for networking. 

🔍  Access exclusive whitelists spots on NFT drops partnered with Arts DAO, and a team producing research and alpha calls on incoming NFT drops or coin launches.

⚙️  Use the DAO's blue-chip NFT collection for commercial purposes. Partake in contributions by fellow DAO members using the shared intellectual property in unique ways. 

ğŸŽ¨  Own a piece of art designed by Kristel Bechara, one of the first (and leading) visual artists in the Middle East creating fine art and NFTs. 
How do I become a Member ?
💳  Arts DAO is a web3 native community, membership is therefore obtained by owning at least one of the NFTs forming part of the Arts DAO collection, known as the Ethernal Gates  - created and designed by award-winning artist, Kristel Bechara.

⛓ The Ethernal Gates NFT collection by Arts DAO was initially minted in June 2022 on Ethereum, and therefore membership can be purchased on the Opensea secondary  market via the link below.
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Arts DAO
Arts DAO
Arts DAO is collector's DAO representing the largest web3 community in the Middle East