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Arts DAO Ledger Nano S Plus NFT digital collectible
What is the Arts DAO x [ Ledger ] Limited Edition Collection?
Arts DAO has partnered with [ Ledger ] to deliver exclusively to Arts DAO members only, a limited edition digital collectible (i.e. an NFT) of the above art piece produced by MEJ, one of the OG members of Arts DAO.

Limited to only 100 pieces, each digital collectible is redeemable for a physical Arts DAO branded official Ledger Nano S Plus. The digital collectibles, when bought by clicking the link above, will mint the art on the Ethereum blockchain allowing you to view it in your digital asset wallet on Opensea.

The NFT is also our first soul-bound token - meaning it is not tradable nor can it be moved from your wallet once minted. We wanted to create a new type of NFT that really is bound to your soul and proves as stamp in time. So if you mint, ensure you do so from a wallet you're happy to have the NFT held in forever!
Why is Arts DAO delivering this collection?
We believe it is more important than ever for Arts DAO members to securely and safely custody their digital assets on a cold storage wallet. This is distinct from 'hot wallets' such as Metamask or Trust Wallet, which are prone to hacks or being compromised. The Ledger Nano S Plus is the latest cold storage digital asset wallet produced by Ledger, the leading provider worldwide of security solutions for digital assets.
How do I redeem the digital collectible for the physical Arts DAO Ledger Nano S?
Once you click the buy button above and complete the minting process, you will be prompted to complete an order form where you can share your delivery details for us to process your order and arrange delivery.

Please note that there are only 100 pieces forming part of this collection, and each NFT is only redeemable for one Ledger - once the NFT is redeemed, it cannot be redeemed again.
Who is MEJ, the artist for this collection?
MEJ is a Dubai-based artist who has been with Arts DAO since our very inception when we were just a few folks. He uses a combination of tools in creating his work, such as Cinema4D, Polycam, Procreate, Marvelous Designer, CC3, Quixel Megascans and Photoshop. We were honoured to have MEJ design the pre-reveal art for the Ethernal Gates collection and he has very recently become an artist on SuperRare.
I heard there is a raffle for an RTFKT AR Hoodie?
That's correct! We are very happy to raffle out one of an RTFKT AR Hoodie to one special Arts DAO member who participates in the Arts DAO x [ Ledger ] mint! The winning member will be chosen from the list of members who complete the order form following the mint.